Obesity is a big problem for a large percentage of people, which is increasing weight and gaining fat at a higher rate in specific areas of the body that cause symptoms and health effects, such as that diabetes, in addition to heart disease and atherosclerosis and cancer in some cases, also causes problems in the motor system and pain in the joints and bones..


There are several indicators for measuring fat mass for adults. to know the amount of fat and weight compared to the normal ratio Which leads to the need to perform surgery or aesthetic to remove this fat and bring the body back to normal position.

What are the causes of obesity and how to treat it?

The imbalance between intake and calorie consumption in the body is the core of the problem of weight gain and fat gain in the body. These are often the most important factors:
• High-calorie fast foods such as hamburgers and others.
• Lack of sports and inactivity
• Lack of commitment to a healthy diet
• hormonal problems
• Psychological conditions and stress
With regard to the treatment of this problem, there are several options such as cosmetic surgery, especially in cases where the fat mass is important, requires surgery, or the use of traditional methods such as diet , a new way of life and a regular sport, which is one of the most important. The factors that solve this problem are the cases of obesity in its infancy.

Plastic surgery of obesity in Turkey

Turkey is considered the best refuge for many people worldwide, as it is one of the world’s leading therapeutic and cosmetic tourism countries in the last 10 years. the doctors and hospitals are acquiring experience and quality in the surgical and aesthetic field, especially obesity. Its hospitals are accredited by International Organizations and World Health Organizations, in addition to the low cost of obesity surgery in Turkey compared to other countries that offer the same quality in medical work, provide optimal degrees health care and guarantee the results achieved.
There are several types of obesity surgery offered in Turkey: