Hair Transplant

Many people suffer from the problem of baldness or hair loss under several factors.
Among these factors, genetic factors, namely testosterone, is a high male hormone, which is a major cause of male pattern baldness, as the increase of this hormone in the body weakens the grafts and leads to their fall. Genetics factor is the most important and fundamental cause of male pattern baldness, which is transmitted to children.
there are also hormone factor, dietary factor and progress in life so that many people are looking for a solution to this problem, which usually requires submission to the hair transplant or early treatment of this problem through treatments that strengthen grafts and prevent hair loss.

What is hair transplant?

The hair transplant is a simple cosmetic session that consists of extracting the grafts or hair roots from the donor area, usually located behind the head, from the density of the hair and unaffected by the previous precipitation factors, then transferred to areas suffering from lack of density. The transplants between the case and the other, so that the strength of the donor area and the extension of the area of ​​baldness or void make the role the most important in determining the number of grafts able to pick and replant.
Turkey is renowned for this type of cosmetic surgery according to the long experience of Turkish doctors for a long time, in addition to the modern techniques used to perform these sessions in a sterile and safe environment and to ensure the success of these processes